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Development Plans

GIS East Canopy Stand
New East Stand covering
Gateshead International Stadium has been at the fore front of international athletics and sport for over 50 years.  

To ensure the facilities on offer continue to meet the needs of the local community, national and international events, Gateshead Council intends to make major improvements to Gateshead International Stadium. 

Improvements include: 

  • The East Stand brought under cover
  • Improved toilets and new refreshment kiosks in the East Stand
  • Improved access to the stands for wheelchair users
  • New event management, media and hospitality facilities
  • New reception, catering and toilet facilities 
  • Improved changing rooms

Funding for the project is coming from Gateshead Council’s own capital programme, Gateshead College and additional partners.


The works to cover the East stand, improve toilets, add new refreshment kiosks and improve wheelchair access have now been completed. The new build and refurbishment aspects started on Monday 6 September 2010 and are due to be complete in Summer 2011.

Access Plans

To undertake these works access to the stadium will change. A temporary reception will be provided near to the existing reception, with changing rooms only being available from the athletics hall building. The Sports Hall and gym will remain open throughout the development. View the access plan below for more information:

Gateshead International Stadium Redevelopment Access Plan|

Detailed Plans

Detailed plans showing the development work have been produced - use the links below to view them:


You can follow the Artists impression of the Gateshead International Stadium redevelopment in the gallery below.

Artists Impression of Gateshead Stadium|

Proposals for Gateshead International Stadium Redevelopments
|Artist's impressions of the finished Gateshead International Stadium redevelopment

Short Film|

Gateshead International Stadium Walk Through|
See the stadium redevelopment come to life in this video of how the building will look