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Flowers in Saltwell ParkSaltwell Park has flowers for every season – blossoming French Marigolds, Roses and Phlomis in spring and summer, charming Sedum in autumn, and magical Silverdust in winter. Look out for some of these beautiful flowers as you explore the Park:

Achillea Commonly known as yarrow, Achillea is named in honour of Achilles, the greatest Greek warrior.  The flower attracts bees, butterflies, and birds.  Its crushed leaves have a strong minty smell and are frequently used for flavouring tea.

Tulips are the national flower of Iran and Turkey. They were introduced to Europe in the mid-16th century.  Tulipa is the Latin name for Tulip. A very attractive flower to any garden.

Phlomis is a spectacular plant with ruby red stems and whorls of flowers in attractive candy pink. Each whorl can be made up of 20–30 flowers, they are sun-loving shrubs.

French Marigolds are small bushy plants, 15–30 cm in height, with flowers measuring up to 5cm across. They are composed of a dense arrangement of rays that come in yellow, orange and a unique bronze colour.  The French  marigold blooms continuously until cut down by frost.

Sedum is a tough but pretty perennial that is highly reliable, droughttolerant, and virtually maintenancefree.  Butterflies and bees enjoy their rosy pink blooms. As the season continues, coppery red shades will enhance the autumn landscape of the Park.

Silver Dust is a snowy bedding plant producing a 20–25cm mound of finely divided silvery white foliage. It is very striking during the winter months.

Geraniums are bush like shrubs that have wonderful marbled leaves, often sprinkled with darker zones. Geranium are hybrid varieties of the South African genus Pelargonium in which the ‘petals’ are actually highly modified stamens.They are cultivated not only as ornamentals but also for the aromatic oils extracted from their foliage and flowers which are used in flavourings and perfumes.

Cochia flowers can be found in single or double blooms. They grow in an amazing variety of colours, most commonly white, salmon, red, pink and even purple.  The colours are not uniform but variegated, and the petals are often veined or blotched.

Roses are available all year round and are probably the best known and best loved flower in the world.  They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, including two popular types – spray and tea.  In the 19th century old scented roses were used to make jelly.  The red rose is the symbol of England and is worn on St George’s Day. It is also the symbol of love.

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