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Addison and Hedgefield Woods



Addison Woods

Addison and Hedgefield Woods

Quiet meadows and woodland with a significant local past.

The woodland was once a thriving colliery and village where Alexander Graham Bell made an experimental telephone call.

This place is a beautiful example of how nature reclaims land when people move on. From the woodland at Addison, to the scrub and grasslands at Hedgefield, this place is a thriving wildlife refuge, and a site of Nature Conservation Importance.

A FoxA footpath, with steps, has been created from Hedgefield Quarry to Reedside in Ryton which allows you to make an attractive circular walk.

Access opposite the old St Hilda's Church on the B6317 at Hedgefield near Ryton. Grid reference: NZ 166643

Addison and Hedgefield Woods is managed by Durham Wildlife Trust.


Durham Wildlife Trust
Rainton Meadows
Chilton Moor
Tyne & Wear
Phone: 0191 584 3112



The following are available:
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