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4 mile unmarked walk around the park


This walk includes steps, steep gradients and some rough surfaces

  1. Start at the Derwenthaugh car park at Winlaton Mill. From the car park head towards the river and turn right along the riverside multi-user route.
  2. At the first path "crossroads" turn right, cross the stile and follow the path to the left, eventually heading up the hill, to emerge at the edge of a field.
  3. Follow the path along the edge of the valley, into Paddock Hill Wood and on to the Thornley Woodlands Centre.
  4. From the Woodlands Centre car park follow the red trail, through the woods to the Derwent Walk, Lockhaugh Farm, riverside meadows and back on to the Derwent Walk.
  5. Leave the red trail here by turning right and crossing the viaduct.
  6. Turn right off the Derwent Walk along the path signposted to Hollinside Manor.
  7. After enjoying the views go past the ruin and follow the path through the woodland to cross the Derwent Walk at Clockburn Lonnen.
  8. Go down towards the river and cross the Butterfly Bridge.
  9. Turn right at the path "crossroads" and return to the car park.

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