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Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan


What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure (GI) are the green places including nature reserves, parks and gardens, areas of countryside and woodlands, allotments, agricultural land, playing fields and railway walks. It also includes ‘blue infrastructure’ in the form of rivers, ponds and wetlands.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) defines green infrastructure as: ‘A network of multi-functional green space, urban and rural, which is capable of delivering a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits for local communities’.

Why is Green Infrastructure Important?

Green infrastructure is vital for both people and wildlife.

It is important in supporting wildlife and meeting the broader environmental, social and economic needs of our communities.

It contributes to the quality of the natural and built environment and improves the quality of our lives.

Our Vision for Green Infrastructure

The NewcastleGateshead Green Infrastructure Strategy (Report) approved by the Council in November 2011, sets out the following vision for green infrastructure provision across both boroughs:

The Strategy aims to achieve better quality, more effective functioning and greater diversity of our green infrastructure.

This will contribute to achieving sustainable communities and regeneration, promote better quality of life for all, mitigate the effects of climate change, enhance biodiversity and preserve historic landscapes.

A high quality framework of inter-connected green infrastructure will offer ease of movement to people and wildlife and provide many different opportunities for outdoor activity.

It will also provide an attractive and healthy setting for homes, schools, workspaces and the rest of the built environment, thereby improving the wellbeing of everyone, even when they are not directly using it.

Green infrastructure also provides a valuable biodiversity resource, while inter-connections between habitats may enable movement of species in response to climate change.



Contact Us

If you have any comments on the Strategy please e-mail them to Peter Bell