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We commissioned some short films looking at the 'secret life' of the Angel of the North, the thoughts and feelings of people who pass the Angel every day, a physical performance of a specially written poem and a specially chereographed dance that was performed at the foot of the Angel.

Each film details the thoughts and observations of various individuals and groups that have developed a personal relationship to the Angel of the North sculpture since the piece arrived in Gateshead ten years ago.

Each of the films is available to watch online by clicking on the links below.  Please be aware that these films are quite long and make take some time to download to your computer:

angel 10

where does the angel go

Angel 10 a film by She's Gott It!

Where does The Angel Go? a film by Digital Voice

Angelus Septentrino

Far North

Angelus Septentrio a film by Anton Hecht

Far North a film by Ellie Land