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Art in Gateshead


No No No No

No No No No No - Cath Campbell and Miles Thurlow, Photo taken by Joe Clark

While imposing sculptures like The Angel of the North have put the borough firmly on the cultural map, there's a lot more to see.

Gateshead is fast becoming an open-air art gallery with more than 50 works of public art and more in the pipeline.

From town centre pieces such as 'Acceleration' by John Creed opposite the old Town Hall and 'Opening  Line' by Danny Lane which marks the entrance to the Metro and Bus Interchange to the award winning Riverside Park with several sculptures on the River Tyne.

Not only do we have some great public art for you to see - but it also talks to you! Lulu Quinn's 'Threshold' on Gateshead High Street is a unique sound sculpture that emits the sounds, songs and stories from 300 local people - triggered when you walk through it.

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