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Public art interviews

Rise and Fall
Rise and Fall - Lulu Quinn

The aim of this project was to show that we are willing to find out what the public perception of public art is in Gateshead, and now we would like to share that feedback on our website.

The interviews were recorded on 14th and 16th May 2007 during a public art tour with the public art curator, Anna Pepperall.

During this tour, she told the 'story' behind the various Sculptures we visited and gave background information about the art works in the Gateshead Quays area.

The project work was carried out by Kyoko Mae, during her work placement on Public Art whilst at Gateshead Council. Kyoko Mae is studying Cultural management at Northumbria University.

We would like to thank the participants, who volunteered to be interviewed, Mrs Fry, Betty Waters, Carole Habkirk, Ron Appleby, Roger Fern, Joan Phillips, Mona McCarthy and Rita Ratcliffe.

You can download the mp3 of the interviews below.

Public Art Interviews (4.5mb MP3 audio)