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Inside Outside - Fred Watson



Inside Out
Inside Outside - Fred Watson

The new Tranwell Unit for mental health patients features a specially commissioned sculpture carved from a 3.5 tonne block of granite by Gateshead-born sculptor Fred Watson.  

Symbolising the mind's ambiguous relationship with internal and external worlds, the sculpture's meaning also relates to its location in an inner courtyard - both inside and outside the building.  

Dominating the composition, a stairway and arch represent social hierarchies and institutions. Against these large, roughly carved masses, a dangling telephone, carved in intricate trompe l'oeil detail, focuses sharply on the lack of an answer, a listener, or communication.  


Tranwell Garden
Tranwell Garden - Neil Canavan

More recently sculptor Neil Canavan worked as artist in residence with users of the Tranwell Unit to design and create a wonderful garden.  

As well as Neil’s work , which includes the design and concept for the garden and the gazebo structure,you can also see artwork by sculptor Gilbert Ward and calligraphy ‘poetry’ set in wood by David Edwick.  

Neil worked closely on the design of the garden with Southern Green landscape architects. Members of the public are welcome to use the garden.

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