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Glass Bench - Cate Watkinson (2007)



Glass Bench
Glass Bench - Cate Watkinson

This piece of public art is not only nice to look at - it also serves a useful purpose.

A curved glass bench, designed by glass artist Cate Watkinson, has been installed on a grassy slope just outside of Gateshead's Civic Centre so that visitors and other members of the public can sit on it and relax.

The bench is, in fact, a present from the Royal Institue of British Architects who awarded Gateshead Council their RIBA  Arts Client of the Year Award in 2005. It was decided that the cash prize should be spent on something which would celebrate the award but which could be seen and enjoyed by everyone - hence the glass bench.

Gateshead Council worked closely with Cate Watkinson on the design of the bench, which is made of curved glass and polished steel and is engraved with Gateshead Council's motto, a quotation from Virgil which reads "With her feet on the ground, she holds her head amidst the clouds."

The bench was installed in spring 2007.



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