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Tenancy agreement update


The current Tenancy Agreement has been in use since 1 October 2000.  Due to new legislation introduced within the Housing Act 2004 the Council is required to review and amend the current tenancy agreement, in particular relating to  Right To Buy and anti social behaviour:

  • Extending the initial qualification period for Right to Buy from two to five years;
  • Extending from three to five years the period during which discount must be repaid when the property is resold;
  • Giving council’s the option of exempting properties from the right to buy where there is a clear intention that they will be demolished;
  • Introduction of measures to suspend tenants’ right to buy on anti social behaviour grounds;
  • Local authorities have the flexibility to extend introductory tenancies where there are continuing doubts about the conduct of the tenancy, giving landlords the right to refuse a secure tenant’s request for a mutual exchange in certain cases of anti social behaviour;

To ensure that tenants are fully informed, the tenancy agreement requires amendment to reflect the legislative changes required.  This review provided the opportunity to review the format and layout of the agreement along with other terms of the tenancy agreement to ensure that all terms are fair and easily understood; relevant; legislatively correct and reflective of good practice. 

Both the Council and The Gateshead Housing Company have undertaken consultation with residents and the feedback is being considered to help provide a draft tenancy agreement.  Once the draft is available it will be posted onto this site for information.