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Independent Financial Advice


Once the council has determined what works or actions might be eligible homeowners will be offered the services of an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) in order to identify the most appropriate source of funding for their circumstances and the home repairs or improvements required.

Who is eligible?

The enquirer must be the home owner of a dwelling within Gateshead and will be required to:

  • Provide evidence in writing that unable to access commercial funding at a reasonable rate 
  • complete a provisional financial assessment form.


  1. IFA recommends a Commercial Loan Product
    If the financial
    assessment shows that the Homeowner may be eligible for a commercial loan, the financial advisor will help them to choose between a range of different loan products that are available.

    This ensures that Homeowners are able to access a commercial loan product on reasonable terms.
  2. IFA recommends one of the Local Authority Loan products:
    If the financial assessment shows that the Homeowner may be unable to access a loan on reasonable terms from a commercial lender because of low income, debts or little or no equity they could be eligible for a loan from Gateshead Council

If a home owner is unable to afford a local authority loan, then grant assistance may be available.

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