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Empty Homes / Conversion Grant


Please note: We currently have no funding to offer grants this financial year. We will update these pages when new funding is available.

This grant can be used for works that are required to bring the property up to a Decent Standard. 

This may include works:

  • to remove health and safety hazards in the home,
  • to carry out repairs,
  • or to improve facilities
  • or the thermal comfort of the property. 

For more guidance on the Decent Home Standard or works that may be eligible for assistance contact the Home Improvement Team.

This form of assistance may also be available for conversion works for;

  • a pair of flats into a single property
  • a vacant shop with a flat attached, to a single property
  • other configurations may be considered where appropriate (but will not include loft conversions or extensions to existing single use properties unless the household is suffering from statutory overcrowding)

Assistance is available to 50% of the cost of the eligible works, to a maximum of £35,000.


This grant is available to:

  • Carry out works to properties that have been empty for more than 6 months, to enable them to be brought back into use.
  • Carry out works to meet need for family sized homes which may or may not have been empty.
  • Both those intending to occupy or let the property to tenants.

The grant is available if:

  • the applicant is unable to access a loan from a commercial lender on reasonable terms, or
  • the works would not be financially viable without assistance from the Council, and
  • the Client is unable to access a loan provided by the Council

Priority will be given to those properties identify as high “risk” properties. 


Grant conditions apply

The grant will be repaid to the Council when the property is sold. Where the applicant intends to occupy the property as their home, it must remain their principal residence until the grant is repaid;

Where the property is let to a tenant, the landlord must bring the property to the Gateshead Private Landlords Association (GPLA) Accreditation Standard.

The Landlord or their letting agent should be a member of the GPLA for the duration of the grant condition period.

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