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More in Housing

Adaptations and Medical Priority

If you need to adapt your home or move becasuse of a disability or old age, you can apply to the coucil for equiptment or help

Blocked drains and sewers

Information about repairs and blockages to drains and sewers


There are no laws against having a bonfire, but there are laws for the nuisance they can cause

Buying a Home

Information on Buying a house in Gateshead - includes information on how to buy your council house RTB scheme

Caravan Site Accommodation

Information on caravan site licenses in gateshead

Community Equipment

Equipment from Gateshead Equipment Service to assist with everyday tasks.

Council houses

Information on how to apply to be on the housing register and HomeChoice our choice based lettings scheme

Debt advice

Free, impartial and confidential debt advice service which is partly focused on preventing people from losing their homes.

Dirty and contaminated housing

Information on dirty and contaminated housing and the role the council plays in ensuring no risk to health or a nuisance is found

Empty Properties

We work with property owners to solve the associated problems that go with empty properties.
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