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The Private Rented Sector Team


The Private Rented Sector Team – Improving living conditions in Gateshead

Whitehall Road after Conversion
Private rented accommodation

The Private Rented Sector Team has been established to improve property and living conditions within the private rented sector for landlords and tenants throughout the borough of Gateshead. We are based at the Council's Civic Centre, not far from the heart of the private rented sector in Gateshead.

A range of services are offered to help tenants, these include:
  • Providing general advice, guidance and support to tenants.
  • Advice and support to help landlords improve their management and property standards.
  • The Private Rented Accreditation Scheme - designed to promote and recognise good management practices, improve physical property standards and ensure that every property has the relevant safety certificates in place.
  • Helping tenants access decent accommodation.
  • Improving standards for tenants
  • Advice, support, and investigation into cases of anti-social behaviour associated with the private rented sector.
  • Provision of tenancy agreements
  • Information and advertising of property to rent in the private sector.
  • Liaison between landlords and tenants to resolve disputes.

Contact us

If you are a tenant and want to find out more about the team and the work they are doing, please contact us at:

Private Rented Sector Team
Regulatory Services
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre

Mandy Reed
Senior Environmental Health Officer
Tel: 0191 433 2956

For further information please contact:

Tenancy Relations Officers
0191 433 2660 / 0191 433 2801 / 0191 433 2574