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Tenancy vetting service


One of the aims of the Private Rented Sector Team is to ensure that members of Gateshead Private Landlords Association ( GPLA ) are assisted in the selection of suitable tenants for their properties.

The PRS Team offers a vetting service for members of the GPLA.  Tenancy Relations Officers request information from various sources, including the Police, to ‘vet’ your potential tenant in order to make an informed decision.

Once all of the information is received, a decision will be made, based on Gateshead Council’s policy and the criteria approved by members of the GPLA, on whether or not to recommend the applicant as a private tenant.

The Tenancy Relations Officers will contact the landlord and advise one of the following outcomes:

  • Satisfactory
  • Unsatisfactory
  • Insufficient

Tenant Vetting Application Forms

The application form consists of the following:

  • Informed Consent Form – this form is signed by applicant giving permission for us to undertake checks
  • Housing History Form - form giving details of 5 years previous housing history
  • Proof of Identity - Two proofs of identification must be shown to the landlord, confirming current address, and initialled on the Proof of Identity List by the landlord.

Vetting Criteria

The following criteria is used by the Private Rented Sector Team in deciding whether or not the application is satisfactory, unsatisfactory or there is insufficient information to process the application.

  • Where the applicant(s) has outstanding rent arrears or other debts with a current/ former landlord in excess of £250.00 (no time limit – rent arrears and debts outside of 5 years are included)
  • Where a previous property has been abandoned in poor condition or required repairs, which were rechargeable to the tenant.
  • Where the applicant(s) has/have been known to have been involved in incidents of anti-social behaviour / criminal behaviour, which is/may be likely to cause nuisance / annoyance to neighbours / the neighbourhood in general, examples of which include:
    • Drug dealing / misuse
    • Violent assault against neighbours, Council staff or previous   landlords
    • Racial harassment
    • Sexual harassment / assault
    • Intimidation / harassment of neighbours
    • Burglary
    • Noise / other nuisance such as persistent drunken behaviour


Police Check

Northumbria Police will provide data/information for the purposes of the vetting of prospective tenants, when certain circumstances indicate that it may be prudent to do so.  Such circumstances are as follows:

  • The applicant admits to criminal convictions
  • There are significant gaps in the housing history
  • The applicant is known to the organisation, in that there is a previous history of anti-social behaviour/criminality.

    All requests for vetting must be in writing and must be accompanied by an Informed Consent Form, signed by the applicant.  Requests CANNOT be processed in the absence of this form.

Former Tenant Check

Checks are undertaken to see if there are any outstanding rent arrears with Gateshead Council

Previous landlords/Housing Associations are contacted to find out whether or not there are any outstanding debts, or if there is any evidence of management problems, anti-social behaviour, or neighbour disputes. 

Checks are undertaken to ensure there are no significant gaps in the housing history, by confirming dates with previous landlords or Housing Offices. If there are significant gaps further enquiries will be made.


Contact us

For further information please contact:

Cody Harris
Senior Support Administrator - Private Sector Housing Team

Carol Atkin
Senior Support Administrator - Private Sector Housing Team