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Advertising your property


The Private Rented Sector Team offers a property advertising service for Gateshead Private Landlords Association members. The ‘Property List’ has, over many years, proved an extremely popular way for landlords to advertise properties and to find potential tenants. The list is usually published on a weekly basis.

There is a high daily demand for copies of the list, requests are received by telephone, email and from potential tenants calling in at the Civic Centre, the team’s location in Gateshead. The Property List is also available at Council Offices across the Borough, and is provided to a number of organisations that actively help individuals to find accommodation.

To advertise your property on the list, just complete the checklist below detailing information to be listed on the advert. In addition, indicate either that the property meets the accreditation standard, or that you are working towards the standard and the property is in a clean, safe and satisfactory condition. In either case you must give permission for an Officer to inspect the property with a view to ensuring satisfactory standards have been met.

Your properties will be advertised for 4 weeks unless you indicate that you would prefer longer.

In addition to the Property List, if your property has met the Gateshead Private Rented Accreditation Scheme you can advertise it on the Gateshead Private Landlords Association website. The website provides full property details and colour photographs of the property to those looking for accommodation.

Contact us

Carol Atkin

Senior Support Assistance

Phone: 0191 433 3907

Email: jamesohalloran@gateshead.gov.uk