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Private landlord licensing


Landlord Licensing Public Consultation

We will be consulting with the landlords, residents and all interested parties from 20 March-11 June 2017 on our proposals to licence landlords in The Avenues, Central Gateshead and parts of Central Bensham.

If you are a resident , landlord or operate a business in these areas visit Selective Landlord Licensing consultation to find out further information. 

Selecting licensing of landlords is carried out in areas where there is:

  • low demand for housing (including low house prices, high numbers of vacant properties or a high turnover of occupants); and/or
  • significant or persistent anti-social behaviour problems.

It can bring lots of benefits to the community, including:

  • training and support for landlords;
  • closer working between the council and landlords to make sure landlords can meet their licensing conditions;
  • improved property management services;
  • more stable rent levels; and
  • higher property values.

Who needs a licence?

In areas where selective licensing is applied, all landlords will be required to hold a licence in order to rent out property.

To qualify for a licence, a landlord must be able to demonstrate that they are acting within the law and taking adequate steps to manage their properties and keep them safe. In addition, a ‘fit and proper’ person test will be applied to test the landlord’s suitability to manage a tenancy.

How is the licence enforced?

If the landlord of a property in a selective licensing area doesn’t have a licence, they are committing an offence that may be liable to an unlimited fine.

If the landlord breaches the conditions of the licence, they also commit an offence and may be liable to an unlimited fine. In extreme circumstances the council has the power to take over the management of the property.

Gateshead Council will work with all landlords in a licensing area to make sure they can comply with the terms of their licence before taking this action. These sanctions will only be used where all attempts to work with the landlord have failed.

There is currently one live selective licensing area in Gateshead in parts of Swalwell. The Sunderland Road, Chopwell and Central Bensham (Phase 1) schemes have now expired. 

Contact us

For further information and advice regarding Selective Landlord Licensing please contact:

Rachel Crosby

Senior Environmental Health Officer
Phone: 0191 433 2793