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Is an empty property causing you problems?


If you live near an empty property you may want to know what can be done about it.  See the document Is an Empty Propert causing you problems (83Kb)

So why do properties become empty?

  • There are a number of reasons why properties become and remain empty. These include:
  • Wilful neglect by owners, leaving properties to deteriorate.
  • Abandonment by owners leaving areas with poor reputations.
  • Low desirability of particular types of accommodation in certain locations, in particular Tyneside flats (Gateshead Housing Needs Survey 2006).
  • Transitional empty properties pending a change of owner.
  • Extensive maintenance problems combined with low value of the property making improvement seem a poor return on capital.
  • Perceived problems with renting property.
  • Owners not being aware or understanding the options available to bring properties back into use.
  • Properties left empty by the resident moving into residential care.
  • Property where the owner has died and the property is in probate.
  • Owner awaiting an upturn in the market.
  • Properties bought as ‘buy to let’ with initial vacancies.
  • Over provision of commercial buildings due to change in shopping trends.

How can the Council help me?

We can comprehensively deal with many aspects of empty properties. Long term vacants are targeted and owners are encouraged to take action to return them to residential use. Enforcement action can be taken against owners who continue to leave their empty property to deteriorate.

How can I report an Empty Property?

If you know of a property standing empty and causing problems, whether it is council or privately owned, then contact us for advice and assistance. 

Contact Us

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