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Temporary Accommodation


If you have nowhere to stay tonight Gateshead Council may be able to help you secure emergency temporary accommodation.

Gateshead Council has a duty to assess all homeless applicants to determine their eligibility to provide temporary accommodation.

Temporary accommodation could be a homeless hostel, a women’s refuge, a temporary house or flat or a bed and breakfast. The type of accommodation available will be determined by your individual circumstances and family composition.

You are responsible for meeting the costs of any temporary accommodation which includes travel costs. The costs can range from £15 per week to £150 depending on your circumstances and the accommodation provided. You will normally be required to pay your first rental payment up front. If you are on a low income you may be entitled to claim Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefit) to help with the costs. Some people may also be eligible for a Short Term or Budgeting Advance to help pay for the costs of securing emergency accommodation and this can be applied for at your local Job Centre Plus or by calling (0845) 6060234.

If you fail to go to the accommodation secured, are ejected  or if you vacate the accommodation, our duty towards you may come to an end. You could ask us to review your situation but we may not offer you any further temporary accommodation.

We will also aim to support you as much as possible should you have to stay for a short time in B&B. If you are staying temporarily in a Gateshead Council property we will assign a support worker to assist you during this time. Where ever possible Gateshead Council will support you through your time in temporary accommodation and move you on as soon as possible when appropriate.

It is not possible to take pets to any of the temporary accommodation we could secure for you (excluding guide dogs in most cases). The RSPCA may be able to advise you on getting your pets looked after on a temporary basis.

You can request emergency temporary accommodation during office hours by presenting to Community Based Service Reception, Gateshead Civic Centre or out of office hours by presenting to Gateshead Civic Centre or by calling 0191 4770844.

A caseworker will be assigned to you who will advise you on your options including if you are eligible to be provided with temporary accommodation. You may also be able to access emergency temporary accommodation yourself from local providers.

Rough Sleepers

No one should have to sleep on the streets in Gateshead. All Local Authorities in England have been asked to make a commitment to a government initiative called No Second Night Out, and have a target to end rough sleeping. Gateshead Council, Aquila Way and partners are committed to No Second Night Out and are working towards ending rough sleeping in Gateshead.

If you are homeless you are entitled to a homeless assessment and you should contact the Housing Options Team if you have a local connection to Gateshead or the nearest local authority you can reasonably attend.

People sleeping rough or threatened with homelessness can get advice, assistance on many issues including finding somewhere for the night, longer term  housing, health, benefits and employment at the Resource centre Basis 336, Gateshead High Street. The resource centre offers a place to come in from the street and try and resolve your homeless situation.

To seek advice if you are sleeping rough or if you wish to tell us about a person sleeping rough please contact Basis 336 or Street Link

Contact Us

If you are rough sleeping and need assistance contact:
Housing Options
Community Based Services
Civic Centre
Regent Street

Tel: 0800 923 9995 (Free Phone) or 0191 433 3174 / 2625
Fax: 0191 477 8373

If you wish to report somebody sleeping rough contact:
Land Line: 0191 477 7171
Free Phone: 0800 056 8588

Office Opening Hours
Homeless Assistance 8.45am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday & 8.45am to 4.30pm on Fridays

Housing Options Advice Drop In Sessions 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Basis@336 Resource Centre at 336 High Street Gateshead daily 9am to 2pm

Out of Office Hours Homeless Assistance
There is an Emergency Homeless Service available between the hours of 6.00pm till 8.00am Monday to Friday and from 6.00pm Friday 24 hours till 8.00am Monday. To access assistance contact 0191 477 0844 or approach the civic centre.

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