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Accumulations of rubbish


Homeowners and tenants are responsible for ensuring that their rubbish is properly disposed of. 

The Council can take action against accumulations of rubbish that

  • rot and produce foul odours
  • contain quantities of food or household waste that is likely to attract rats or other vermin
  • are the product of demolition or collapse of a structure

Tell us about rubbish that is accumulating on private land

Report it online

Bulky collections

You can arrange a special collection of rubbish that will not fit into your wheelie bin. Arrange a special collection.

You may be charged a collection fee depending on the items for collection.


The Council also has the power to take action on those that are responsible for dumping refuse on public land, such as parks, grass verges or in back lanes.

If you are aware of someone doing this or would like to inform the Council where fly-tipping has occurred please report it to us.