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If an alarm has been sounding continuously for 20 minutes or intermittently for more than an hour, and is judged to be giving reasonable cause for annoyance, and, reasonable steps have been taken to contact the nominated key holder, an officer from the Private Sector Housing Renewal Team can enter the premises to silence the alarm. A warrant of entry will be obtained if entry can only be gained by force.

The homeowner is liable for any costs incurred by the Council when silencing a nuisance alarm. The Council may also decide to prosecute. A prosecution could result on fines up to £5,000.

To avoid causing problems with your burglar alarm follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you install a good quality alarm that complies with British Standard BS4737;
  • Make sure it has a 20 minute automatic cut out;
  • Have your alarm regularly maintained.
  • Complete the Intruder Alarm Registration form to register your alarm and provide the names of authorised key-holders who can be contacted to switch the alarm off if you are away from home.

The key holder should live nearby, be able to gain access and know how to silence the alarm if it goes off accidentally.

To make a request for service or for further advice, please contact the us on 0191 433 3000, or contact us online now by completing the form below.

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