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Public health and nuisances


Legislation requires councils to investigate and, if appropriate, take action where a statutory nuisance arising from one premises affects the use or enjoyment of another premises.

Environmental protection legislation also enables the Council to deal with statutory nuisances and conditions which may present a threat to public health. Problems which can be tackled under these wide ranging powers include dust fumes, steam and smells from premises, accumulations and deposits of waste/noxious refuse, animals kept so as to cause nuisance, premises in an unsanitary state.

Where a statutory nuisance exists the Council will take steps to have the nuisance stopped. This may include advising the source that a problem exists and giving advice. If this approach is not sufficient, an Abatement Notice can be served upon the person responsible, requesting that the nuisance be abated. Failure to comply with an Abatement Notice is an offence and prosecution can result in a fine of up to £20,000.

The most common causes of Statutory Nuisance are:

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