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The Council are responsible for investigating and dealing with problems relating to odours from private residential and commercial premises.

Residential Premises

Odours can originate from inside the property or from somewhere outside. In some cases it is quite easy to identify the source. In other situations the source may not be so readily identifiable.

Agricultural odours fit into this last category, modern farm practices do give rise to some very pungent odours the effect of which can be detected many miles from the source making it difficult to identify the cause or the responsible farm.

To determine the source of an odour inside your home check the following sources;

  • Check if the drains are blocked by looking in inspection chambers and that the water traps of the sink, wash basin or shower contains water.
  • Check for signs of burning around plug sockets or light fittings. Electrical burning can sometimes give off a fishy odour
  • Check if a neighbour has been painting and washed tools using white spirit. In the drainage system this may be allowing an odour into your home.

If your detective work fails to identify the cause the Council may be able to help. Sophisticated sampling equipment is not used, as the human nose is often the best tool to try and identify the source. Environmental Health Officers or Technical Officers can use experience to help you to identify the source.

If the odour originates from another premises the Council will investigate to determine whether a Statutory Nuisance exists in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Contact will be made with those responsible for the odour to give advice. Formal Action can be taken if those responsible are unwilling to remedy the problem.

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