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Headline Data
  • The mortality rate from respiratory disease in people younger than 75 years of age is significantly higher in Gateshead (42.5) than in England overall (33.8) [Chart - U75 mortality from respiratory disease]. A similar difference is seen for preventable mortality from respiratory disease [Chart - U75 mortality from preventable respiratory disease]. [1] For every 100 deaths due to respiratory disease that would be expected (based on the England average) there are 208 in Bridges ward, which is significantly higher than Gateshead's ratio of 126 to 100 that would be expected. There are several other wards with a high ratio [Map - Ward all mortality from respiratory disease]. [2]U75 Preventable Mortality From Respiratory Disease
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  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease accounts for more time off work than any other illness and is a major cause of hospital admissions, with 1 in 8 hospital admissions being due to a flare-up (exacerbation). The main cause is smoking. [3]
  • The prevalence of diagnosed COPD in Gateshead was 2.7% in 2013/14. In the most recent update of this data, it is now only made available at Newcastle and Gateshead CCG level, and was 2.4% in 2016/17; this has changed little over recent years and remains higher than in England (1.9%) [Chart - COPD Prevalence]. [4] It is estimated that 40% of (3,555) people with COPD in Gateshead are undiagnosed. [3] [5]
  • There were 883 emergency hospital admissions in Gateshead for COPD in 2015/16. As a rate per 100,000 (DSR) this is more than double the England average. [Chart - COPD emergency hospital admissions]. [6] Looking at admissions at a ward level, for every 100 COPD emergency admissions that would be expected (based on the England average), there are 353 in Bridges ward, 319 in High Fell, 278 in Deckham, and 274 in Felling. All of these wards have a significantly higher ratio than Gateshead's ratio of 194 to 100 that would be expected [Map - Ward COPD emergency hospital admissions]. [7]
  • Deaths from COPD have significantly declined over the last 15 years. In 2002-04, there were 95.2 per 100,000 (DSR) compared with 73.3 in 2014-16. That's 479 down to 425 deaths [Chart - Deaths from COPD]. [8] 
  • There is scope for further improvement in the quality of care of people with COPD in Gateshead that could improve quality of life and reduce unplanned hospital admissions. [5]
  • The prevalence of diagnosed asthma in Gateshead is 6.1% and is similar to the England average of 5.9% [Chart - Asthma Prevalence]. [4]
  • The rate of hospital admissions for exacerbated asthma has also been significantly higher in Gateshead (14.2 per 1000 on asthma registers) than in England overall (11.6 per 1000). [9]
  • According to Asthma UK, asthma is the most common long term condition in childhood, affecting 1 in 11 children. In NewcastleGateshead CCG area during 2012/13 there were 206 emergency hospital admissions of children because of asthma. This equates to 204 per 100,000 and is similar to the England average of 219 (the Gateshead data for the same time period was 77 emergency hospital admissions, a rate per 100,000 of 182). [10]

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