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Illness and Death

Life Expectancy and Mortality

 Headline Data
  • Healthy life expectancy is 59.1 for men [Chart - Male healthy life expectancy] and 60.6 for women [Chart - Female healthy life expectancy]. [1] Healthy life expectancy for men in Gateshead is about 4 years less than across England as a whole and for women it is about 3 years less. Compared to the North East, healthy life expectancy for men in Gateshead is about half a year less, but for women it is exactly the same as the North East average.
  • Life expectancy in Gateshead is currently 77.5 years for men [Chart - Male life expectancy] and 81.3 years for women [Chart - Female life expectancy]. [2] This is the first year in recent history that life expectancy has decreased for either men or women and both continue to be below the England average. The gap with England over the last 10 years has been fairly constant, although there are indications that the gap for women has widened over the last couple of years. The gap currently stands at 2.0 years lower for men and 1.8 years lower for women.Life Expectancy Male and Female
  • The Life Expectancy Gap Segment Tool shows that the biggest cause of deaths that explains the reason for the gap between Gateshead and England is cancer. [3] For men, 30% of these deaths are due to cancer, 20% to digestive, and 19% to circulatory diseases. For women 33% are due to cancer, 21% to respiratory, and 20% to circulatory diseases.Life-Expectancy-Gap-Causes-of-Deaths---Gateshead-to-England
  • In Gateshead, life expectancy for men is 9.9 years less in the most deprived compared to the least deprived areas (deciles); for women, the difference is 8.7 years [Chart - Slope index of inequality in life expectancy]. [4] For both men and women the gap in life expectancy between people living in the most deprived and the least deprived areas has gradually been increasing over time (although the four time points do not yet show a significant difference).
  • Life expectancy for men living in Bridges is 9.3 years less than for men living in Whickham South and Sunniside [Map - Ward male life expectancy]. Women living in Felling will live for 8.0 fewer years than women living in Whickham South and Sunniside [Map - Ward female life expectancy]. [5]
  • The change in the most common causes of death for men and women over the last 100 years are shown in the chart below. An interactive version of the chart and further information is available on the ONS website [Chart - Changes in the most common causes of death]. [6]Most Common Causes of Death 1915 to 2015

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