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Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

  • During 2016/17, recorded crime in Gateshead increased by 39%, this equates to an additional 5,035 crimes recorded by Northumbria Police. However, despite this increase, Gateshead has still recorded a lower rate of crime (per 1,000) than its 14 statistical neighbours across England and Wales. [1]
  • There were 17,804 crimes recorded between April 2016 and March 2017, compared to 12,769 in the previous 12 months. [1]
Recorded Crime
  2015/162016/17Change (No.)Change (%) 
 Violence Against the Person 2820 4507 +1687 +59.8%
 Sexual Offences 415 437 +22 +5.3%
 Robbery 89 133 +44 +49.4%
 Burglary Dwelling 485 476 -9 -1.9%
 Burglary Other 791 675 -116 -14.7%
 Theft OF Vehicle 186 187 +1 +0.5%
 Theft FROM Vehicle 721 756 +35 +4.9%
 Criminal Damage 2627 3221 +594 +22.6%
 Drugs Offences 377 396 +19 +5.0%
 Other Offences 4635 7412 +2777 +59.9%
 All Crime 12769 17804 +5035 +39.4%
  • The number of burglaries to dwellings has fallen by nine over the past 12 months and means there are only 1.3 burglaries per day in Gateshead. Similarly, burglary other, which includes commercial premises, garages etc. has also fallen; there were 116 fewer burglaries of this nature recorded during the period. Overall in the Northumbria Police Force area burglary other has increased by 8%. [1]
  • There has been a 60% increase in crimes classed as violence against the person during 2016/17. Crimes of this nature account for a quarter of all crimes recorded in Gateshead in the last 12 months. Most of these crimes are classed as violence without injury (64% of all violence against the person crimes). Typically, violence without injury includes such crimes as harassment and assault without injury. [1]
  • 12% of all crime recorded in Gateshead in the last 12 months was deemed to be alcohol-related (this is recorded at the discretion of the police officer dealing with the crime). More specifically, 34% of violence against the person offences were deemed to be alcohol-related and a fifth of criminal damage offences were also believed to have been influenced by alcohol. Due to the way in which the data is presented, it is not possible to determine whether the victim or the offender is under the influence of alcohol. [1]
  • A small proportion of crimes recorded in Gateshead (4%) are believed to be drug-related. There were a total of 745 crimes deemed to be drug-related in the last 12 months, of which 348 were violence against the person offences. The number of crimes recorded for possession of drugs has fallen by 9% (268 crimes = 27 fewer crimes recorded); while trafficking of drugs has increased by 56% (128 crimes = 46 additional crimes recorded). [1]
  • Anti-social behaviour continues to fall year on year. Latest figures for the period April 2016 to March 2017 show that incidents of anti-social behaviour fell by 6% compared to the previous 12 months. There were 7,613 reports made to Northumbria Police, 461 fewer incidents than in 2015/16. [1]

  • During 2016/17 recorded youth disorder fell. There were 1,771 reports of youth-related disorder, 147 fewer than in 2015/16 and a reduction of 8%. [1]

  • The 2016/17 Safer Communities Survey found that 97% of respondents feel very or fairly safe living in their neighbourhood. Furthermore, 72% of respondents agree that the police and council are dealing with the anti-social behaviour and crime issues that matter in their area. [2]
  • In February and March 2017, Gateshead’s Community Safety Board undertook a 'Safer Gateshead' survey that was completed by 679 local residents. The responses to this consultation showed that, in general, people living in Gateshead feel safe in their neighbourhood. In total, 87% of respondents to the survey said they felt safe living in their neighbourhood, while 63% of respondents didn’t feel there had been any change in crime or anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhood in the previous 12 months. [3]

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