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 Headline Data
  • 69.0% of adults in Gateshead have excess weight [Chart - Adult excess weight] according to survey data. [1]  This is significantly worse than the England average of 61.3%.
  • A local survey conducted in 2016 (Adult Health and Lifestyle Survey) showed variation in excess weight for men. For example, whilst 75% of men aged 35 to 64 and 74% aged 65+ are overweight or obese, this compares with just 40% of those aged under 35. The rate for women aged 35 to 64 is much higher at 58%, but the proportion does not differ in the older age bands for women, at 54% and 58% respectively.[2]
  • The local survey also asked about self-perception of weight. Of those who were overweight or obese (based on the measurements they provided), 92% realised they were in that weight zone. In addition, 92% said they would like to lose weight. [2]
  • Although inequalities studies suggest that overweight and obesity is more prevalent in more deprived areas our most recent local survey was inconclusive. Recent national data also shows little variation between deprivation bands. However, our previous local 'lifestyle survey' from 2012 had shown the proportion of obese (only) adults in the most deprived areas was almost double that in the least deprived areas. [3]
  • 10.3% of 4-5 year olds (up from 9.5% the previous year) and 23.2% of 10-11 year olds (19.9% the previous year) living in Gateshead were obese in 2015/16 [Chart - Child obesity aged 4-5] [Chart - Child obesity aged 10-11]. [4] The proportion for 4 -5 year olds is similar to the England average of 9.3%. However, the proportion for 10-11 year olds is significantly higher than the England average of 19.8%.Obese children 4-5 yearsObese children 10-11 years
  • Of children attending Gateshead schools, 22.3% of 4-5 year olds and 37.9% of 10-11 year olds were classified as overweight or obese (excess weight). [5]  Whilst the proportion for 4-5 year olds is similar to the England average of 22.1%, the proportion for 10-11 year olds is significantly higher than the England average of 34.2% [Chart - Child excess weight aged 4-5] [Chart - Child excess weight aged 10-11].
  • Child obesity data at ward level suggests that there are variations across Gateshead, with higher rates in a number of the more deprived areas and lower levels in less deprived areas. This is particularly noteworthy in High Fell at reception age, with a rate of 29.1%, and in Felling and Pelaw & Heworth at Year 6 with rates of 42.5% and 41.6% respectively [Map - Ward child excess weight at reception] [Map - Ward child excess weight at Year 6]. [6]
  • See also 'Health and Lifestyle Survey 2016''Lifestyle Behaviours Survey 2012'

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