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Gateshead Better Care Fund


What is the Better Care Fund?

This is a budget set up by the Government to improve the ways adult social care and health services work together, starting with services for older people and people with long term conditions.

It is not new money, this is funding we already receive from Government, but we are going to pool our budgets to join up and reduce duplication of services and focus our efforts on improving our social care and health services for local people.

Main aims of the Better Care Fund

  • Improve services even though there are more people needing it and less money
  • Care for people in their own homes and reduce time spent in hospitals
  • Help people to better manage their own health and wellbeing

What we are doing in Gateshead

Gateshead Council and NHS NewcastleGateshead Clinical Commissioning Group have written a joint plan which has been submitted for national review. 

The plan has been informed by the views of patients, carers, service users and the people who work with them. It sets out a clear vision of how we will improve services by the better coordination of information, staff and money on the priority areas for Gateshead.

How to find out more

If you would like further information on the Gateshead plan please email: johncostello@gateshead.gov.uk


2017/19 Better Care Fund submission 

Final Gateshead BCF Narrative Plan 2017/19 (694Kb)

Gateshead Better Care Fund planning template 2017/19 (480Kb)

2016/17 Better Care Fund submission

Final Gateshead BCF Narrative submission 3 May 2016 (1MB)

Appendix 1 Risk Share Agreement from 2015/16 Section 75 (148Kb)

Appendix 2 Gateshead DTOC Action Plan (202Kb)

Appendix 3 DTOC Plan Trajectory (595Kb)

Appendix 4 Composite BCF Scheme Review (344Kb)

Appendix 5 GP Strategy (2Mb)

Gateshead BCF Planning Template 2016/17 (6Mb)

2014/15 and 2016 Better Care Fund submission

Gateshead BCF Part one (3Mb)

Gateshead BCF Part two (205Kb)

Attachment 1 - Gateshead BCF Plan on a page (46Kb)

Attachment 2 - Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Strategy (361Kb)

Attachment 3a - Gateshead Pioneer EOI 2013 (303Kb)

Attachment 3b - Gateshead Pioneer EOI 2013 - Supplementary appendices (226Kb)

Attachment 4 - Gateshead Kaizen Event Paper - Integrated Needs Assessment Older People LTCs (320Kb)

Attachment 5 - Gateshead GP Carer Pathway SPOC (18Kb)

Attachment 6.1 - Gateshead BCF Engagement evidence (43Kb)

Attachment 6.2 - Gateshead BCF Communications and engagement framework (24Kb)

Attachment 7 - Gateshead BCF Schemes and initiatives (141Kb)

Attachment 8 - Gateshead BCF Interventions and implementation (77Kb)

Attachment 9 - Gateshead BCF Governance (58Kb)

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