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Short term support


What short-term support is available? 

We offer short term support free of charge for people who need help to regain their confidence and independence, or to acquire new day-to-day skills for living. This extra support is from our START Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team Service and it might be needed because you:

  • would like to regain the confidence and skills to live an independent life;
  • require support to stay at home;
  • have been in hospital or residential care and are now returning home;
  • have a physical disability.

After receiving our intensive services we hope you will need less support, or better still no support, to live an independent life. But, as some people will need support on a long term basis, we will continue to keep an eye on your progress to check how you’re coping.

Furthermore, if you continue to require help after your period of short-term support we will agree with you a care and support package that addresses your needs. This may mean there could be costs involved, but how much you pay will depend on the services you require. To find out if you are eligible for help with the costs, we will assist you to fill out a financial assessment form.


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