Structure of the GSP

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Gateshead Strategic Partnership ensure that members of the Partnership are working together in a coordinated way to take Vision 2030 and the 6 Big Ideas forward.

To do this

The Gateshead Strategic Partnership

  • Agrees aims and aspirations for the future of Gateshead, set out in Vision 2030
  • Sets priorities that support achievement of the Vision, and oversees their delivery
  • Consultation, information sharing and engagement. Making sure people from the local community, voluntary and business sectors are involved in decisions that affect their lives. An inclusive approach - the 'Gateshead Family'

The Gateshead Strategic Partnership brings together representatives from the public sector, the business community, voluntary and community sectors and government agencies to develop shared plans for the future, co-ordinate activities and improve outcomes for local people in important areas such as health, education, crime, employment and environment.

The 'Gateshead Family' is a broad partnership that includes everyone with an interest in the future of the borough. The organisations that are represented on the Gateshead Strategic Partnership Steering Group are focused on making our plans for the future  a reality.

The Gateshead Strategic Partnership comprises of four themed Partnership Boards,

Each Partnership Board has its own terms of reference that reflect the needs and requirements of the service areas they cover and incorporate the statutory functions where appropriate.