Meetings and Boards

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Gateshead Strategic Partnership Steering Group
Contact: Charlotte Wainwright 0191 4332061

Health and Wellbeing Board 
Contact:John Costello 0191 4332065

Children's Trust Board 
Contact: Ann Day 0191 4333424

Community Safety Board
Contact: Adam Lindridge 0191 4333243

Economy, Environment and Culture Board
Contact: Heather Lee 0191 4332056


These meetings are not open to the public but if you have any comments or issues you would like raised please use the form on the Contact Us page.

The role of all partnership boards is to:

  • Hold statutory roles as required by Government (Health and Wellbeing Board, Community Safety Partnership, Land Use Planning)
  • Enable an alignment between strategic and operational focus,
  • Oversee commissioning arrangements for the relevant theme (including across different geographies), request key partners deliver commissioning plans as required and sign these off
  • Ensure the involvement of service users and communities in the development of commissioning arrangements
  • Monitor performance and contract management and be accountable to the Steering Group

Approach to Areas and Neighbourhoods

In order to address issues at a local level more effectively, five Neighbourhood Management Areas have been identified across the borough based on groupings of communities East, Central, Inner West, South and West. Neighbourhood management is central to strengthening communities. It is part of a long term plan in Gateshead to ensure local services are co-ordinated around the needs of individual neighbourhoods and are accountable to local people.

It is based on

  • Strong visible and accountable leadership (centred around the community champion role of local Councillors)
  • Community engagement and empowerment
  • Efficient, joined up approaches tailored to neighbourhoods

Within each team there is an Area Coordinator, their role is to coordinate community development resources and focus it on each locality.