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Round Up

The Round Up summarises the key points raised in the Steering Group and board meetings enabling a flow of information between different GSP groups, ensuring that cross-cutting ideas are highlighted.


Gateshead Council has a Consultation Portal, allowing users to take part in online Council consultations, focus groups and surveys. The portal is available for anyone to take part in consultations, view the results from recent consultations and see when new consultations are scheduled to take place. Some consultations will be limited to certain groups such as the Viewpoint Panel. This is to ensure that we target those who will be most affected by the consultations. 

You can access this site via 

 Information for Partners

Presentations made at GSP Steering Group 9 September 2015


 Achieving More Together

Meeting dates, agendas and papers are available online for all the key decision making bodies of Gateshead Council.


Event information is also available from Gateshead Council events pages.