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We aim to keep all roads, footways and pedestrian areas across Gateshead clear during the winter months. You can also help yourself and others when severe weather conditions take a grip by being prepared and having a supply of rock salt and a snow spade ready.

We no longer sell rock salt to members of the public or businesses.  Rock salt can be purchased at DIY stores across the borough. 


Gritting routes

Click for a larger imageThere's almost 600 miles of road in Gateshead. Keeping it all clear of snow and ice would be an impossible task so we treat them on a strict priority basis:

  • Priority 1 routes are roads which get very high levels of traffic and are primary bus routes e.g. Felling by-pass and the A195 through Blaydon.
  • Priority 2 routes are treated after priority 1 is dealt with. These are other main roads and bus routes.
  • Residential roads and paths are unlikely to be treated, since all effort will be concentrated on the priority 1 and 2 routes. Whenever possible we will treat footpaths around shopping centres, bus stops, footbridges or areas where there is a large number of older people, again in order of priority.

Exceptions to treatment of roads are made at the request of the Police, Fire or Ambulance services, if a funeral is taking place or the road needs clearing because of an accident.

In deep snow we use snow ploughs to clear roads and help us continue gritting. This inevitably leads to snow being piled until we can clear it.

The A1 and A194 are gritted by the Highways Agency. For information on their winter gritting programme call their Information Line on 0300 123 5000 or visit their website.

Grit bins

We provide grit bins (salt bins) in the community to help you keep residential streets clear. Salt bins are topped up on a regular basis using grit and salt – which gives a better grip than salt alone. In severe weather we can’t provide timescales for when bins will be topped up as our team will be busy treating priority routes.

Salt heaps may be delivered in extreme weather situations based on location and footfall.

Contact us

Waste Services and Grounds Maintenance
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

Phone: 0191 433 7000
Fax: 0191 478 1138


Residents and visitors to Gateshead can now access traffic cameras across Tyne and Wear. These cameras show regular images of traffic and weather conditions and may help to plan your journey

View the cameras