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Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste. It can vary from as little as a single bag of household rubbish, to large quantities of waste and domestic items such as furniture and fridges. For smaller amounts you can report a litter problem.

We remove fly-tipping from publicly owned land, including roads and lay-bys. If the fly-tip is on private land, it is the responsibility of the land owner(s) to arrange clearance.

Report fly-tipping

Before you start, you will need:

  • To be able to describe the location of the fly-tip
  • To describe the size of the fly-tip and if possible the type of waste that is there
  • If you witnessed the fly-tipping, give as many details as possible about the person; such as their name or vehicle registration
  • To tell us if the waste is hazardous, or if it is restricting access.

If you provide us with your details they will be treated as confidential and we will not give them to anyone else.

Report fly-tipping 

If you are reporting hazardous waste which includes any gas cylinders or syringes outside of normal office hours please telephone 0191 433 7000.


If you discover fly-tipped waste:

  • Do not approach anyone fly tipping.
  • Visually inspect the waste but do not touch it.
  • Do not disturb the site.
  • Don't ignore it - Report it!

It is important to write down any details as soon as possible. To assist us in enforcement, if you witness an illegal tipping, please make note of the registration number of any vehicles, the time and date. if the vehicle has a company's details displayed, please also note name and telephone of the company - the more information the better.

What we do:

  • We use state of the art CCTV to catch offenders which can operate over any distance and send images within seconds to a computer or a mobile phone.
  • We have a team of people who actively investigate all reported incidents and are trained in evidence gathering and incident reporting to help catch those responsible.
  • We have legal powers to issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to a person found to be responsible for the fly-tipping and they can be prosecuted.

Pay a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for fly-tipping

What you can do:

  • If you're doing DIY make sure the builders, plumbers or electricians you use dispose your waste responsibly
  • Make sure all your rubbish is kept secure until it's collected

If you are disposing of waste

If you use a private waste clearance company:

  • Ask to see their Waste Carriers Certificate. They must be registered to take your waste away.
  • Ask the company where they intend to take the waste - it should only be to an authorised site.

Ask the company for documentary evidence. If you are a business, you must have a Duty of Care Transfer Note.

Registered Waste Carriers can be checked at the Public Registers of the Environment Agency.

Bulky waste collections

  • You can get rid of unwanted items by arranging a bulky waste collection
  • Book a collection online or call 0191 433 7000

Household waste and recycling centres

You can of course take your waste to one of our household waste and recycling centres yourself. If it fits into an ordinary car, people carrier or four-wheeled drive with windows, you can leave it for free. If you need to use a van, trailer or pick up truck, you need to apply for a permit - call us for details.

This is not applicable for business waste.

Could your old furniture be re-used by someone else?

If it's in working order and a decent condition, why not find it a new home in the community?

To arrange a free collection call:

Foundations Furniture: 0191 477 8337
The Furniture Recycling Network: 0117 954 3571