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Gateshead Council has determined that Dewhurst Terrace (as marked in red on attached plans and as situated within the Council's area), is contaminated land for the purposes of section 78A(2) of the Act because:

The Council has identified a source (contaminant), a pathway and a receptor with respect to the current use of the land and is satisfied that this pollutant linkage presents a significant possibility of significant harm being caused to that receptor.

Pollutant Linkage

Hydrocarbon contamination from leaking former underground fuel storage tanks (now removed) at the former fuel filling station which migrated via the A692 to certain properties on Dewhurst Terrace.

Soil, made ground, service conduits and groundwater.

Human beings living, and working in the properties through inhalation of indoor vapours, and property in the form of buildings.

Remediation and Validation

The garage site was remediated in 2006-2008 and the contamination source including the underground fuel storage tanks and contaminated soils removed. The installation of a network of high vacuum extraction (HVE) and air sparging wells in the footpath of Dewhurst Terrace connected into trenches extending part way into the A692 was also undertaken to reduce hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater. Floor slab removal in No 6 Dewhurst Terrace and excavation of impacted soils under this property was followed by slab reinstatement including the installation of hydrocarbon vapour resistant membrane. Monitoring of the remediation works is due to take place.


Page last updated: 28th October 2011


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