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Energy Conservation

Energy Efficient Light bulb
An Energy Efficient Light Bulb

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil, petrol - even to generate electricity - releases carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere. This is the main "greenhouse" gas that helps to cause global warming. If the earth warms, the world's climate will change and sea levels will rise. Weather conditions will become more extreme. For some life species survival could become more difficult.

The Government has already taken steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Here in Gateshead we can also play our part.


Over 25% of carbon dioxide produced in the UK comes from home energy use. Not only can you play your part in protecting the environment for future generations, but you can also save yourself a significant amount of money by making your home more energy efficient with a few simple measures, many of which are low cost. You may be able to obtain a grant or other financial assistance to do this.

To give your home a check up visit the Energy Saving Trust website.