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Electricity monitors


Reduce your electricity bill by up to 25% by borrowing a wireless electricity monitor from your local library

Electricity monitors can now be borrowed from the following libraries in Gateshead to help local people reduce their energy bills and cut carbon emissions.

  • Gateshead Central Library
  • Birtley Library
  • Blaydon Library
  • Whickham Library
  • Leam Lane Library

Energy bills can be significantly reduced by taking simple steps to improve energy efficiency in the home. The wireless electricity monitors are safe and easy to install with no technical knowledge or cable cutting required. The device involves a sensor that clips around the cable to your electricity meter, a transmitter and a wireless display. This will provide real-time monetary information about household energy usage and carbon emissions.

Please follow the link for more information about OWL Wireless Electricity Monitors

Top tips for reducing carbon emissions in your home

  1. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient versions
  2. Switch off electronic goods such as TVs, DVD players, PCs and games consoles at wall sockets when not in use
  3. Remove mobile phone chargers from mains when not in use
  4. Use tumble dryers less and dry clothes using a washing line if possible
  5. Fill washing machines and dishwashers to maximum for each cycle
  6. Wash clothes at a cooler temperature (i.e. 30ºC instead of 40ºC)
  7. Only boil the amount of water you need when making tea, coffee or other hot drinks
  8. Put outside lights on motion sensor switches
  9. Purchase high energy rating products when replacing appliances
  10. Check your household’s baseline energy consumption using a energy monitor before going to bed

Use the Act On CO2 Calculator to find out how much Carbon dioxide you create and to get a basic personalised action plan for reducing your carbon footprint.