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Acting on fuel poverty


Are you in fuel poverty?

According to the official definition, if you spend 10% or more of your disposable household income on your energy costs, you are in fuel poverty. To work out if this applies to you, the form on the fuel poverty microsite homepage asks for your location, monthly income and monthly fuel expenditure. The information you provide determines whether you are in fuel poverty and what level if you are. This is then plotted anonymously on to the UK map to give a national picture of the scale of this issue.

For people who are in fuel poverty, the map gives links to sources of help, including the Turn2us Benefits Calculator and Turn2us Grants Search database; information on energy efficiency; and the Which? Switch energy tariff comparison tool.

You can also contact local support agencies:

Gateshead Advice Centre - Call in or telephone 0844 2451288. The Advice Line is open between 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday or check the website

Age UK (0191) 477 3559,

Submitting your details for the map is very easy and only takes a minute, but it can make a big difference to their campaign. Last year, over 600 people completed the map, with over three in five (61%) considered to be in fuel poverty. This helped raise awareness of how widespread the problem is and they hope to reach even more people affected by fuel poverty this year.

Click on the link below to start the survey