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Reduce your rubbish


If we try not to produce as much waste, then we have less to deal with. Use the following tips to help you reduce your waste.

Take less home – be a smart shopper!

  • Choose products with less packaging – like loose fruit and vegetables
  • Take your own bags or a bag for life when you go shopping
  • Choose refillable products like liquid soaps
  • Choose items such as wind up torches, radios, watches and toys to help you lower the amount of batteries you use and have to dispose of

Junk mail

Avoid unwanted junk mail by joining the Mailing Preference Service. Call 0845 703 4599 or visit

Love Food, Hate Waste!

Check out our fantastic recipes section, filled with readers recipes and tips to help you use up your leftovers!

Other guides to reducing your waste:

The future of rubbish

We all know we can't continue to only send rubbish to landfill and have set some ambitious targets for increasing recycling across (made up of Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland councils).