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Why must I apply for a permit?


Household Waste and Recycling Centres are provided so that residents of Gateshead and Sunderland may deposit their excess household waste free of charge.

Commercial Waste

The disposal of commercial waste at a Household Waste & Recycling Centre is a criminal offence (Environment Protection Act 1990).

In recent years the amount of people using vans, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and trailers to deliver large quantities of waste to the sites has increased. A significant proportion of this is commercial/trade waste at an additional cost to the council's waste budget, which must be met by Council Tax.

In addition to the possible illegal disposal of trade waste, such vehicles often pose health and safety risks to other site users and cause delays and inconvenience.

In order to address these problems a permit scheme has been introduced.  

Who must have a permit?

This requires people who intend to use:

  • a van
  • pick-up
  • other commercial vehicle
  • or a trailer

to deliver their household waste to a site to apply for a permit before they are allowed access to the facility.  

Who does not need a permit?

The only vehicles not requiring a permit to access Household Waste & Recycling Centres are:

  • family cars
  • estate cars
  • MPVs
  • four wheel cars (fully glazed) and jeeps (open or fully glazed) unless they are towing a trailer.

Very large vans/lorries (over 5 metres), agricultural vehicles and trailers greater than 9ft 10ins (3 metres) will not be permitted access to the site for health and safety reasons.

Pedestrian access will be prohibited to stop people from simply parking up commercial/oversize vehicles outside a site and carrying their waste in.

A maximum limit of one tonne per load will be enforced no matter what vehicle is used or trailer size.

Hazardous household waste must not be deposited at the Household Waste & Recycling Centres.

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