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Communal recycling facilities


Find a recycling facility

Find your nearest recycling bring site, or waste and recycling centre.


Recycling A-Z

Information on where and what you can recycle.



What can I recycle?

If you live in a communal property, you will typically have a mixed recycling bin and a paper recycling bin. These will be clearly marked and labelled.

Please only put the correct items in the recycling bins to prevent contaminating the load. Contaminated loads may have to go to landfill rather than for recycling.

In the paper bins you can recycle...

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Paper
  • Telephone directories (including Yellow Pages)
  • White envelopes
  • Catalogues

  In the mixed recycling bins you can recycle...

  • All flattened white, grey and brown cardboard (cereal boxes, brown envelopes, toothpaste boxes, clean ready meal boxes, egg boxes, kitchen roll inners etc)
  • Empty and rinsed food tins, drink cans & aerosols (Aerosols, baby milk formula tins and biscuit tins etc.)
  • Rinsed and squashed plastic bottles (milk, water, pop, shampoo etc). Always detach lids before putting them in the recycling bin.
  • Rinsed glass bottles & jars (Jam jars, coffee jars, sauce bottles, wine bottles, baby food jars, face cream jars, perfume bottles etc.) Please remove the lids. 

Yoghurt pots, margarine and butter tubs, plastic ice cream tubs, fruit punnets, small plastic toys, plastic cups, plastic sweet/biscuit tubs, waxed beverage cartons (juice cartons, soup cartons, custard cartons).  Please remember to rinse before putting in the bin.


What should I NOT put in the recycling bin?

At present we are unable to take the items listed below in the communal recycling bins. However, some of the items can be recycled at other locations in Gateshead.
ItemWhere these items can go 
Hard plastics (kitchenware, electrical plugs, stationerytoys, cups, chairs etc)  Household Waste and Recycling Centres 
Windowpanes, cookware, Pyrex, windscreens, ceramics, light bulbs, printers, TVs  Household Waste and Recycling Centres
Plastic bags Supermarkets with bag recycling facilities
General waste including food waste, nappies, plastic films, black food trays, tin foil, shredded paper, polstyrene, wallpaper Cannot currently be recycled

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