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Animal Health Act

Ruby the pig at Bill Quay farm
A pig at Bill Quay Farm

The council enforces the Animal Health Act. This provides a framework for the control of animal disease outbreaks, such as:

  • foot and mouth
  • swine fever
  • rabies

This is through routine monitoring of livestock, movement records and transport. 

We carry out visits at farms and other livestock holders. This is to ensure there are no cases of ill treatment or neglect.

We will also carry out checks on the welfare of animals during transport. As well as checking that all necessary paperwork is complete when animals move. This can be between farms or to slaughter. 

We also issue licences for:

Contact Us

Animal Health Officer
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
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Tel: 0191 433 3889 OR 0191 433 3934

Fax: 0191 477 4827