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In this section you will find information for teachers on the Career Development Exchange Scheme and Higher Level Teaching assistants.

Career Development Exchange Scheme

The Career Development Exchange Scheme ( CDE ) is an opportunity for a teacher in one Gateshead school to spend a period of time teaching in another school (usually 12 months).

pdf Opportunities for existing teachers in Gateshead (82k)
pdf Career Development Bulletin (29k)
pdf Induction Programme (31k)
pdf Induction Checklist (67k)
pdf Application form (72k)
pdf CDE  Leaflet (140k)


Higher Level Teaching assistants

This information is to support teaching assistants and head teachers in the application process for higher level teaching assistant ( HLTA ) training and assessment. 

The introduction of HLTAs is a key building block in the remodelling of the school workforce nationally. Gateshead Council is keen to ensure that its teaching assistant workforce has access to the highest quality training. 

Teaching assistants who successfully complete training and assessment will gain HLTA status, enabling them to provide greater support to teachers and schools generally.

The opportunity to achieve HLTA status enables schools and the LEA  to develop a new career structure for teaching assistants and to recognise the valuable work teaching assistants do in supporting teaching and learning in our schools.