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Home to school transport

It is a parent or carer's responsibility to ensure their child gets to and from school safely every day, including those with additional needs.

We provide support with home to school travel in cases where we considers it necessary following an assessment. 

Pupils with additional needs

In a small number of cases, pupils may need help because they have additional needs. These may include school pupils with:

  • special educational needs (with or without a statement or education, health and care plan)
  • a physical disability (temporary or permanent)
  • a medical/psychological condition (temporary or permanent)
  • other special needs, including family circumstances

The home to school transport policy and application forms for school-age pupils can be found below.

Home to school transport application form (146k)

Parental responsibility: a guide for parents (977K)

School transport policy (2017-18) (30k)

Service standards (38k)

We consulted on our draft home to school travel policy during March - May 2017. The policy has been agreed by Council and will be introduced from September 2018. 

Home to School Travel Policy (Sept 2018 onwards) (38Kb)

General home to school transport scheme

Some school-age pupils will be entitled to help because they live more than the legal walking distance from their nearest suitable school.

More info:  View the general home to school transport scheme. 

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