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Information for Practitioners


This section is specifically for practitioners who work with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. It contains information about training opportunities and developments and templates/forms relating to the Education, Health and Care (Single) Plan process.

Templates and forms

Statements of SEN

Annual Review templates: Educational Advice template (97Kb)
  Pupil Views template (87Kb)
  Head teacher's report template (232Kb)
  Parent-carer's Annual Review contribution template (96Kb)

Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans

Request for a Needs Assessment (nurseries and schools): EHC Plan Referral form (410Kb)
  EHC Plan Parental Advice template (210Kb)
  EHC Plan Parental Consent form (118Kb)
  Top-Up funding form (20Kb)
Request for a Needs Assessment (colleges and training providers): Post 16 EHC Plan Referral form
  Post 16 Educational Advice template
  Post 16 Young Person's Views template 
Action Planning meetings: Parent-Carer's views template (137Kb)
  School feedback template (64Kb)
  Blank action plan (16Kb)
  Education Advice template (221Kb)
One-page templates: Butterfly template (1.38Mb)
  Cats template (1.37Mb)
  Computer template (1.42Mb)
  Dogs template (1.40Mb)
  Food template (1.34Mb)
Connexions Transition: Connexions Transition form (200Kb)
Annual Review templates: Head Teacher's report (257Kb)
  Young Person's Views template (143Kb)
  Educational Advice template (133Kb)
  Parental Views template (133Kb)
  Year 12 Transition Review Young People's Views template (160Kb)
  Post 16 Annual Review Meeting report (250Kb)
  Post 16 Annual Review Educational Advice template (91Kb)

Personal Education Plan templates

Pupil Views tempates: Early Years Pupil Views template (834Kb)
  KS1 Pupil Views template (133Kb)
  KS2 Pupil Views template (33Kb)
  KS3 & 4 Pupil Views template (30Kb)
Pupil Views widgets: KS1 Pupil Views widget (86Kb)
  KS2 Pupil Views widget (92Kb)
  KS3 & 4 Pupil Views widget (198Kb)

Referral to services

Referral forms: Behaviour Support Service referral form (48Kb)

Early Years (0-4 years) Intervention and Assessment Team referral form (710Kb)

Early Years Referral Panel information (234Kb)

  High Incidence Needs Team (HINT) referral form (413Kb)
  High Incidence Needs Team (HINT) parental consent form (181Kb)

Low Incidence Needs Team referral (LINT) form (281Kb)

CAF/TAF assessment referral forms

SEND Training and resources


Contact us

Special Educational Needs and Disability Team
Gateshead Council
0191 433 3626

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