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Saturday Music Academy


The Saturday Music Academy is designed for pupils aged 7 and above who wish to develop musical skills in a range of different instruments. A limited number of instruments will be available, but normally pupils will be expected to provide their own.

The tutors are all members of the Gateshead Schools' Music Service.

Tuition Charges

  • £9.00 - small group lesson
  • £16.00 - individual lesson
  • £9.00 - small group theory lesson (no longer free)

Payable half termly in advance.

A typical instrumental lesson will be half an hour in duration in a group of not more that 4 students.

Tuition is available on the following:

  • Aural training for Music;
  • Brass;
  • Classical guitar;
  • Examinations;
  • Folk Guitar;
  • Keyboards
  • Music Theory;
  • Singing: individual and group lessons;
  • Violin/Viola.
  • Woodwind

Please complete form below and bring it to your first lesson.



Contact Us


John Treherne

Head of Gateshead Schools Music Service
Dryden PDC

Evistones Road


NE9 5UR 

Tel: 0191 433 8690




Contact Us

Henry Edwards
Dryden PDC
Evistones Road
Tel: 0191 433 8690
Email: Henry Edwards