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Extended Schools


What is an Extended School?

Extended schools are schools that provide a range of services and activities often beyond the school day to help meet the needs of their pupils, families and the wider community. By 2010, as part of the Every Child Matters agenda, all schools are to offer access to the core offer of extended schools.

What are Extended Schools Clusters?

Within Gateshead, extended services are being developed in "clusters" made up of a group of primary schools and one secondary school. The clusters are named after the secondary school in that cluster. 

What is the core offer?

The core offer is the minimum requirement of extended services that an extended schools cluster must offer:

  • Affordable child care for primary-aged children, at or through the school from 8am-6pm, all year round, with supervised travel arrangements to and from the provision where necessary;
  • A range of activities from 8am-6pm, all year round for young people at secondary schools;
  • Swift and easy referral from every school to a range of specialised support services for pupils, such as speech therapy, child and adolescent mental health services, intensive behaviour support and in secondary schools, sexual health advice;
  • Parenting support, including family learning and information sessions at key transition points;
  • Wider community access to ICT, sports and arts facilities, including adult learning.

Success in Gateshead

Gateshead is proud to be able to say that all of its schools are Extended Schools and are meeting the core offer across their clusters and was one of the first Local Authorities able to say that all their schools were Extended Schools, ahead of the government target of 2010.

Clusters are now working hard to further develop the services and activities they offer to their local communities.

Gateshead is working with the Training Development Agency on a project to develop community access to school facilities and to make Extended School provision an integral part of School Improvement Planning, this work will begin in November 2008.

For more information of extended school developments within Gateshead visit: 

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