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School Admission Arrangements 2011 Consultation


All admission authorities must consult widely on school admissions arrangements and that this consultation must include parents of children currently aged between 2 to 16 years and parental groups who have an interest in the admission arrangements for children entering school from September 2011 at statutory school age. School Governors are also invited to take part in this consultation process.

A separate but similar consultation for those schools that are there own admission arrangements such as voluntary aided (church) schools including our Catholic and Church of England Voluntary aided schools is also available on our website. Your views on any aspect of the schools own admission arrangements will be sent to the relevant school governing body of the school in question for consideration.

We want to consult you about the school admission arrangements to our Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in Gateshead for the academic year commencing September 2011 this consultation includes any aspect of the Council's admission arrangements but in particular concerning the following:

  • Our admission policies containing the criteria (admission rules) that decides who gets a place.
  • The process for allocating places and about our Planned admission numbers that determine the number of places we can allocate to parents for each school in each year.
  • The co-ordinated schemes for both Primary and Secondary schools that are part of our admission arrangements. These schemes enable the LA to Co-ordinate the allocation of places to the schools across Gateshead Borough including Voluntary Aided (church) schools to ensure every child is offered a school place for September each year.
  • Catchment areas are available for viewing on this site.

We welcome your views on all matters relating to our statutory school admission arrangements for entry in September 2011.

All responses should be made on the response form and sent to: Mrs Helen Moore, School Organisation and Development Officer, Business Strategy and Support, School Organisation and Admissions, Civic Centre, Regent Street Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 1HH

The closing date for responses is Monday 16th February 2010.

What happens next?

We, the council, for Community schools will consider carefully all responses received and will decide admission arrangements for the school year 2011/2012 by 15 April 2010 whilst Governing bodies of the Voluntary Aided (Church ) schools who are their own admission authorities will do the same from your responses we forward to them. All school admission arrangements will be widely publicised following their determination by 15 April 2010.


Community Secondary Admission Policy 2011/2012 30k
Sixth Form Admission Policy 2011/2012 15k
Community Secondary Co-ordinated Admissions Schemes 2011/2012 65k
Community Secondary Proposed Planned Admission Numbers 2011/2012 20k
Community Primary Admission Policy 2011/2012 30k
Community Primary Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme 2011/2012 70k
Community Primary Proposed Planned Admission Numbers 2011/2012 42k
Community Response Form 112k
Community School Nursery Education Admission Policy 2011 21k
Proposed School Nursery Admission Numbers From September 2011 13k