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Applying for an in-year transfer


Parents with children of statutory school age who move into Gateshead who require a school place or who are resident and wish to change school should apply for a school place using the online application form or contact:

Behaviour and Attendance Improvement Team for an in year application form telephone 0191 433 8589 who can also offer parents specific advice and guidance. Parents will need to complete the application form and submitany additional supplementary papers/evidence which may be required, before their application can be considered.

Should either the local authority, current or receiving school feel that a child’s needs could be best met by not moving school an intervention meeting will be arranged to try and resolve any issues and to ensure that the best advice is given before a move of school is made.

School places cannot be allocated on the basis of intended future changes of address unless house moves have been confirmed through the exchange of contracts or the signing of formal lease agreement (Crown/Forces personnel are exempt).

Year groups in some schools may be full and therefore may not have places available when you move house or decide to transfer your child from one school to another. Unfortunately Gateshead local authority and schools that are their own admission authorities cannot hold places back for parents who decide in the future to move into the catchment area or parish of their preferred school.

We apply the same admission policy for casual admissions as for the normal admission round. Admission to Gateshead schools is therefore dependent on the availability of places in the appropriate year group at the time of application.

Documentary evidence in the form of a solicitor’s letter to confirm exchange of contracts or a rental agreement may be required. Gateshead local authority reserves the right to seek further documentary evidence to support a claim to residence.

Application forms

Parents must apply to Gateshead local authority regardless of the school they are applying for. The application form allows parents to apply for any school (excluding independent schools), and to give reasons for their preferences. The application will ask the parent for the following information:

  • to express up to three preferences in rank order
  • details of siblings who currently attend the preferred school
  • details of the child for whom the applicationis being made
  • if the child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • any reasons for their preferences
  • name the child’s current school
  • details about the person completing the application (name, address, relationship to the child, contact details).

If additional information is required by the governing body of a foundation or voluntary aided school or academy in order to apply its over subscription criteria, parents will need to complete a supplementary form which are available from the school’s direct.

Children with a statement of special education needs

Children with a current Statement of Special Educational Needs will be referred to their local Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team. The SEN Team will work with the parents of the child to secure a place at a school where the specific needs of the child can be met.

Refusal of a school place

If we refuse you a place at your preferred school we will let you know where there are places available at alternative schools and we will also offer you the right of appeal. For Community Schools, appeal forms are available from the Behaviour and Attendance Improvement Team telephone 0191 433 8589. A completed appeal form should be returned to Legal and Corporate Services, Democratic Services, Civic Centre, Gateshead NE8 1HH who will acknowledge receipt. Your appeal will be heard within 30 school days following the date of receipt. Vacant places sometimes arise before the date of the appeal hearing. Where this happens, the school will allocate vacant places to the pupils on the waiting list using the admission criteria. Appeal forms in respect of applications to voluntary aided secondary schools or academies are available directly from the respective school.

Where year groups in schools are over subscribed then each school will maintain a waiting list for the relevant year group and any futurev acancies may be allocated using the school waiting list. To have your child’s name placed on the waiting list you must write to the Head Teacher of your chosen school directly and ask for your child to be placed on the waiting list for the appropriate year group. School staff will inform you directly if a place becomes available to which your child is entitled. If after your initial enquiries to the school you are offered a place by school staff and you have not already done so then you must complete a transfer form even though you have been told a place is available.

Parents are required to notify The Behaviour and Attendance Improvement Team if they do not propose to accept a school place offered who will inform schools directly.

Fair Access Protocol

Fair Access Protocols exist to ensure that access to education is secured for children who have no school place and where a placement in a mainstream school or alternative provision is appropriate and ensures that all schools admit their fair share of students with challenging behaviour. Our approach reflects a commitment by all schools to work in partnership with each other and the local authority in the interests ofsecuring the best outcomes for young people.

Further information on the council’s Fair Access Protocols are available from the Behaviour and Attendance Improvement Team on telephone 0191 433 8591.

Contact us

For help and advice on transferring between schools in Gateshead after the start of the academic year:

  • 0191 433 8589